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Lens treatments offer the opportunity to customize and improve vision for the wearer.  Whether it is a contact lens wearer, a Lasik patient, a prescription eyeglass wearer, or someone with no corrective eyewear at all, the eyes need protection against ultraviolet rays and glare. 

Mirror coatings are not just for style and looks; they reflect a significant amount of sunlight away from the eyes while reducing glare and improving visual acuity.  Mirror coatings act like a two-way mirror, yet the wearer sees through the lens normally.  Light transmission is reduced because of the high percentage of light being reflected away from the wearer.  Mirrors reflect more infrared and ultraviolet than they do visible light.   



  • A true light filtration
  • See better
  • Look better
  • Feel better
  • Be more comfortable


Safari Mirrors come standard with a backside no-glare coating which is a “must have” for complete eye protection on outdoor sports and sunwear. Glare is a common cause of eye fatigue, squinting, and can even block vision. There are four types of glare to consider:

  • Distracting Glare caused by reflections from the lens surface – Result: Eye Fatigue
  • Discomforting Glare caused by everyday bright light and can occur even when cloudy – Result: Squinting and Eye Fatigue
  • Disabling Glare caused by excessive intense light – Result: Blocked Vision  
  • Blinding Glare caused by light reflected off smooth, shiny surfaces – Result: Blocked Vision



  • Solid Mirror – A consistent mirror that evenly covers the whole lens surface.
  • Gradient Mirror – A solid mirror on the upper portion of the lens that gradually fades towards the lower portion of the lens.  The mirror effect ends about 2/3 of the way down the lens; beneficial for drivers and cyclists or people who like to read outdoors.
  • Flash (hint of tint) Fashion Mirror - A light mirror applied to a clear or minimally tinted lens resulting in a semi-transparent lens and often making a fashion statement.
  • Double Gradient – A solid mirror on the top 1/3 and bottom 1/3 of the lens with no mirror in the center of the lens. This is an excellent choice for snow skiing and other winter activities because it provides protection from both overhead sunlight and light reflecting off the snow on the ground.


The darker the base tint of a lens, the more pronounced the mirror appears. Pech Safari Mirrors are recommended on the following base tints:

  • Brown 3  (Gorilla Green, Rhino Red, Giraffe Gold)
    • Improves contrast
    • Improves visual acuity for drivers to better read the road
    • Increased depth perception
    • Reduces blue light
    • A good all-purpose sunglass for driving, golfing and shallow water fishing
  • Gray 3 (Snake Silver, Vulture Blue Violet, Bear Black)                                                            
    • Preserves perceived color balance
    • Good for bright sunny days
    • Excellent for heavy glare situations
    • Best for driving, deep water fishing and general purpose

*Actual Colors May Vary.



  • Does the patient own prescription or non-prescription sunwear?
  • Has the patient ever used no-glare and/or top coats?
  • Is the patient bothered by glare from sunshine, night driving, fluorescent lights and/or computer screens?
  • Determine your patient’s fashion preferences – high style, conservative, etc…

Most patients are unaware that mirror treatments can be added to their eyewear purchases. It is important to initiate the conversation and re-dedicate your practice to offering mirror coatings on a regular basis.

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